Batwing Awning

Rasa is an awesome sunglass inspired by the Fascinating Wings of the Branda Ismail Channel. The fabric you want is a product of imagination. It is also possible with Bat Tarpaulin model ... Bat Tarpaulin system models Triangle, Square, Asymmetric and Dome Shapes are produced.

Fabrics Used in Bat Tarpaulin System:

The wolf and warp touch in the form of cross weaving. It's called Panama. The fabric has taken its name from this weaving form. Panama The fabric does not break or tear, there is support. Weight per square meter gram: (900 grams - 1100 grams) is the project selected according to the application area.

Bat Awning system Steel part:
These systems, which are produced in steel assemblies at minimum level, The poles are manufactured by sieving the mats or by installing existing beams, Betona steel flange plates ...
Areas of use of the bat tarpaulin system:

Stadiums, Sports buildings, Showrooms, Café, Restaurant, Garden, Veranda. Existing Locations are also used as the entrance section,
Bat Awning System Visually I like it with a much different effect than traditional structures.
The Bat Awning System can be disassembled and installed on demand, allowing for seasonal use, and shortening the application period and using the canopy.

Other Batwing Awning Products

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