Beach Place Minder

The floor cushions are elegant and feature luxurious seating and two-sided seating.

Sports cafes, sports centers, fitness centers, SPA centers, indoor swimming pools. Floor Cushions made of sun-resistant fabric are available in many colors.

It can be produced in desired colors and sizes in the direction of imperteks fabric scrap sponge and double-seam waterproof proofs with foam lined with foam.

The ground cradle is long-lasting as both sides can be used.

Floor Mattress Properties

Floor Minder 100x100 cm.
It is made of impermeable waterproof fabric.
It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
It is zippered, sturdy and durable.
Stain-free and easy to clean.
The inner material is made of clay sponge and styrofoam granules.
House, garden, pool side, hotel, beach etc. Designed for places.

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