Cassette Awning

It is a versatile tried and tested, classic cassette tent for every application - like backplane for flat building fronts, backplane for uneven bases. The sturdy canopy with support pipes can be used almost anywhere. The décor in the front row and the more traditional design put forward in the end covers. A tentedir designed for fixing the niche. With its unique straight front rail, the awning fascia disappears almost completely; It is designed for a specific need with simple straight lines.

At a glance
Full cassette tents protect fabric and mechanism from elements

Max. Width x projection: 12 mx 4 m

Colors that can choose from 155 fabric patterns and 56 frames

Thin cassette design

After the awning is pulled, both fabric and mechanical parts are safely protected in the cassette. There are several versions depending on where the tenten is to be placed.

If the unique front cover fails, the installation becomes a perfect solution, completely hidden.

Multi-part units for large patio

Two-segment systems, powered and retracted by the motor, are a good choice especially for large areas.

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