Cedar Cushions

Interior and Exterior Type Cedar Mattresses

We can manufacture your gardens and outdoors in sizes and colors that suit your needs. For more detailed information, you can contact us.

You can contact us for your business or personal mattresses for your special mattresses.

Garden and Outer Oriental corner is a sitting group consisting of a cushion, a mattress and a cushion on the lower part of the wood and a mattress, a pillow on the lower part, and a wall or a corner made of carpet and fabric.

There are many color options with our personal home, office, garden, restaurant, cafe, tea garden, beach, hotel garden corner cushions made of hotel durable fabric.

Cedar Brewery Useful Information

The mattress upholstery must be absolutely zipped.
The pillows should be covered.
It should be Sponge Gray. Gray sponges can not be crushed like white sponges.
Custom color pattern options
Filling material: Polyester filler
Yarns do not paint
The zipper can be fitted if desired.
Maintenance Instructions

Outer sheaths can be easily washed on the machine at about 30 degrees.
No bleach is used.
Not dried on the machine.
Unclean, quality sponge
Fibrous Pillows (Pillows are covered)

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