Classic Awning

Our balcony tents and outdoor terrace sun blinds will help you create an oasis of calm al fresco

Home tents create both fascinating and shadowy spaces. Balcony tents and house tents can be designed with a combination of materials to effectively address your fabric, metal, wood or your needs. Let us help you create an airy living space outdoors with our balcony tents. Every product in our home tents is durable, versatile and in a variety of colors. If you are looking for house tents, you can try to find the ideal tent in our refreshing design choices.

Enjoy a customized light and shadow solution in our patio hatches

Get the full balance of the light and the shade you need with our outdoor courtyard tents or balcony tents. We believe our customers have a lot of options to choose from, so you can get an excellent shading solution by matching your choice of patio shadows with our porch tents or terrace tents. If you have unique needs, we can offer you a customized awning solution. For example, if you need special features such as water resistant fabrics, mechanical designs, heating cells and LED lighting in deck tents, we can give you innovative products tailored to your individual needs. Our home covers are made of high quality materials and versatile designs that complement and enhance your open space for a long time. Do not worry about adding a pergola, foldable deck tent or window covers, weinor represents an investment you can not regret.

Choose a market leader in North and Central Europe with a wide range of products to suit various weather conditions
Emphasize the natural advantages of your 174-fabric patterned and 200-frame color space
Choose a customized solution according to your unique needs, produced with optimum production processes and strict quality controls
From the initial research, you can rely on a customer-focused service experience from a company that is proud to build strong relationships with demanding customers to after-sale support.
A winning company with 50 years of experience in the awning industry provides you the privacy and comfort you deserve

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