Decorative Cushion

We process your different and ergonomic design requirements with interior and exterior architects and specialist cadres or place appropriate design applications for your personal use.

The living room is one of the most important home decorative objects that we can use even in our living room or even our bedrooms. The cushion is filled with foam or a sponge inside the cushions, which you can use on the seat or on your bed, Sizes vary depending on demand, you have the choice of size.

There are many color options in the restaurant, cafe, tea gardens, beach, hotel, nursery, gym, sports centers, fitness centers, SPA centers, indoor swimming pools.

Useful Information

With different designs on both sides, you can easily change the look of your home.
The zipper allows the jacket to be removed easily.
Maintenance Instructions

Machine washable, 40 ° C.
Before you wash it, turn the cover over and close the zipper.
No bleach is used.
Not dried on the machine.
Iron in the middle.
No dry cleaning.
Knowing Benefits

Fits 50x50 cm cushion pads.

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