Decorative Ground Minder

Decorative floor mats are elegant and luxurious with two-sided seating.

Sports cafes, sports centers, fitness centers, SPA centers, indoor swimming pools. Floor Cushions made of sun-resistant fabric are available in many colors.

It can be produced in desired colors and sizes in the direction of imperteks fabric scrap sponge and double-seam waterproof proofs with foam lined with foam.

The ground cradle is long-lasting as both sides can be used.

Floor Mattress Properties

• Has printed fabric.
• It has a soft texture.
• Inner padding material is produced from the 1st quality bead silica.
• Double-sided. One side is patterned and the other side is plain color.
• A hidden zipper system is available.
• The covers can be washed in a 30 degree machine.
• Cushion cover is suitable for ironing
• It does not contain any harmful chemical substances to human and animal health.
• It does not contain any carcinogenic substances.

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