Num Num Cafe & Restaurant

According to Mehmet Gürs, the founder and chairman of the Istanbul Food and Beverage Group, a strong advocate of the "good food and drink" belief in every condition and circumstance, my number was born to "make a difference".

NumNum was founded on a real "family restaurant" dream. It should be a place where not only the families but also the young people, the families with children, the couples, the young professionals, as well as the international examples, came easily. All the customers had to eat "fast and good fried food". The numnum menu had to be an "effective means of communication" that explains the whole spirit of the living concept, its joy and most importantly unbearable food. I should have remembered NumNum's eating. Just as pleasant memories sometimes tickled our memories, our meals should have left a lasting imprint on the ears. She was supposed to start to make a difference with the help of a cheerful, gul-faced, knowledgeable, confident but humble and prominent team ...

My numnum, which opened its first operation in Maçka G-Mall in October 2003, continues to grow with solid steps. 1 in Bursa (Podium Park) in Ankara (Panora, Gordion, Tepe Prime, Armada) 4 in Istanbul (Levent Kanyon, Ümraniye Meydan, Ataşehir Brandium, Akasya Acıbadem) There are 10 successful enterprises.

Application; Cafe and Restaurant garden furniture, chair cushions, sitting group, seat cushion services are given.

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