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Since 2000, Elif Minder has been manufacturing cushions, lounger cushions, pear cushions, awning, tents, canvas, seat cover, table cover, chair cover, furniture protection cover, floor cushion.

We sell polyester fabric, cotton fabric, satin fabric, emperteks fabric, acrylic fabric.

Elif Minder, which has many varieties in its collection for delightful places, is at your service with every year's new year's fashionable terrace, balcony, garden, poolside and interior products.

In addition, acrylic outfits, cushions, umbrellas, swings and exotic accessory areas also provide services and products to support the furnishings.

Elif Minder will enjoy you in its store with its gentle facial team which has different and dynamic structure and years of experience.



Preferably Product Features
• Color: Selectable.
• Print: For promotional products.
• Imperfect fabric
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
• One of the indispensable products of young rooms, cafes and restaurants, the pear seats continue to decorate your homes. Detail


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