Puff Cube Cushion

Indoor and Outdoor Puff Square Minder

We can manufacture your spaces in sizes and colors that suit your needs. For more detailed information, you can contact us.

You can contact us for your business or personal mattresses for your special mattresses.

There is a pear cushion color option which is made of durable cloth, indoor pools, restaurant, cafe, tea garden, beach, hotel, nursery, sports hall, sports centers, fitness centers, SPA centers.

Puff Cube Pear Mattress Features

Imperfect fabric
Strapless foam filled double zippered
Double special stitched
Custom color pattern options
Made of quality and guaranteed PVC coated woven polyester fabric.
Materials and workmanship are offered with locked zippers to prevent opening.
Their colors do not fade, deform, waterproof, washable.
The production is filled with 10 densite granule styrofoam.
It has been shaped considering heavy use.

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