Romantika Garden

Time is a dream in Istanbul; The lamps illuminate the skies of skyscrapers at night. Yesterday and today are mixed together. The sea is like a blend of seas ... The seagull cries of the sound of the waves, the dreams of the legends, the dreams of life ... An existent, a disappearance ... The most beautiful corner of the most beautiful city in the world, Romantika Garden ...
Fenerbahçe Park, the epicenter attraction of Istanbul's tongues, is one of the last untouched corners of the city, preserved its naturalness. Romantika opens like a flower in the middle of the park, crowning this beauty.

Romantika welcomes its guests for many years in a place where high aesthetic taste and nature meet with perfect presentation of taste. The ones who are present to Romantika first meet the sailboats and seyrine which are like gulls in the blue waters of Marmara. Hundreds of trees, clean air, birds singing in the chest say hello to Istanbul you miss. There are no horns, no smell of exhaust, no chaos and no chaos. Serenity; There is a pure peace of mind for a few minutes of the city's cherished hours. Romantika presents a section from old Istanbul which is now reminiscent of the fragrance of the flowers, the sleeping cats in their wells and slowing down time.

Application: Chair covers, table covers, camellia covers, chair cushions, consept cushions, etc.

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