Saray Muhallebicisi

Thousands of Istanbulites, starting with a unique honey moon, fresh bread, warm tea or a delicious dessert in Saray Muhallebicisi's day long in İstanbul, know very well our "sweet secret".

Behind our "this sweet secret" is the "sweet excitement" of the first muhallebicin, which he opened in İstanbul Fındıklı with his brothers of Kerem Çavuş, our great grandfather in the 1860s. After years of this sweet excitement, our grandfather Hüseyin Topbas opened his first shop in Kasimpasa in 1935 to establish the foundation of the palace pudding to carry on his father's career and to do his favorite work, and set himself a target; In Beyoğlu, graceful lady and gentlemen have to give the best of sweeties ...

Beyoğlu was one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centers of Istanbul in those years with its cinemas, theaters, pastries and restaurants. It was a dream of many people to open a place like Beyoglu in Marquez and Lebon. We had the opportunity to turn our dream into reality in 1949. Thanks to the sweet secret of our beloved Hüseyin Topbas, we were able to become a privileged place where people can go and chat at any time of the day and taste something hidden in Istanbul, hidden tastes of Istanbul.

Application; Garden furniture, chair cushions, corner seats, back and floor mats

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