Silk Fabric Care and Cleaning

When dry cleaning is recommended, you may need to choose to wash your silk items by hand. In these cases, follow these guidelines so that your appearance of silk can be preserved.

Hand Washing Silk Fabrics
Test for color fastness before washing. To do this, put a small piece of silk in warm or cold water. Then put white cotton cloth on the silk and print a hot iron. If there is a bright mark, do not wash it if the color is transferred from silk to white cloth.
Do not bleach, bleach or boil your silk materials.
Use cleaners designed for delicate underwear to wash lightly colored silk in warm water by hand.
Use manual hot water at least three times to thoroughly dip.
Put the silk items in a dry clean towel and get the water now. Do not leave me wrinkled.
Allow your silk to dry directly from sunlight or away from heat. After the material is evenly moistened, then press with a silky iron. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the stitches.
Do not use steam irons or try to rewet your silk.
Finish lightly on the right.
Dark colors are obtained by adding coloring matter, so color fastness can not be guaranteed. For this reason, it is important to be cautious of darker shades.

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