Skirt Chair Pouch

Covers your skyline with different design and appearance to preserve the original shape of the chair

Some of the sectors we serve
Commercial and home users, conference hall chairs, hotel, restaurant, cafe, bar, etc.

The skirts of your chair are sewn according to the size of the mold. The fabrics used are made of cotton fabric and upholstery fabrics. According to the pattern of the skirting board, the model is applied so that the mold is taken and the chair is fitted.

Skirt chair can be removed from the machine and washed. The durable cotton and polyester sheath is a two-tone yarn dye.


The collie can be attached and detached.
Produced from 100% Cotton Fabric.
For Cotton Fabric is definitely not slip on the seat
It's 100% Nature.
Frequently touched,
Wide Sections,
High Gramajidir.Key touch with distinct colors.
100% Domestic design, 100% domestic production.
It envelops your seats and provides a beautiful view.
The soap can be washed in the washing machine with the colander on the sooty side (30 °)
We hope that our products will be your new face to your home and we hope you will use it in good times.

Useful Information

The case can be removed and washed in the machine.
The durable cotton and polyester sheath is a two-tone yarn dye.

Maintenance Instructions

Mobile case: Machine washable, 40 ° C.
Must wash separately.
No bleach is used.
Not dried on the machine.
The iron is at medium temperature.
Dry cleaning, normal cycle.

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