Sunbrella Outdoor Furniture Cleaning

General Umbrella Cloth on Light or Light Cleaning
Remove dirt by gently brushing the material.
Mix 2 grams of soft soap and 1 gallon of warm water.
Brush it gently with a sponge or a soft brush to clean your fabric.
Put your fabric into the mix.
Be sure to stop your fabric entirely to get any remaining remains.
Dry your fabric with air.

Spot Cleaning Outdoor Sunbrella Fabric

Using a spray bottle, lightly cloud your fabric with the cleaning solution.
Brush the stained area slightly with a sponge or a very soft brush.
Make sure you rinse the entire area to get any residues.
Extreme nemesis, remove the area with a soft, clean towel or sponge.
If necessary, repeat steps one to four until the stain is completely removed.
Heavy Cleaning Outdoor Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabric does not encourage mold growth, but mold can form on dirt and other foreign matter that can not be removed from the soil. To remove mold or other stubborn stains:

8 ounces of bleach, 2 grams of heavy soap and 1 gallon of water.
Spray the entire fabric and allow the mixture to warm up properly.
Use a soft brush, sponge, or clean towel to gently scrub the area.
Then, make sure you thoroughly rinse the area to clean the remains.
Dry your fabric with air.
If the stain and / or mold is severe, the amount of bleach can be increased. See Sunbrella Stain table to remove specific stains.

Professional cleaning agents

If you choose to use a professional cleaner for your Sunbrella fabric, ask about the experience of cleaning and reworking Sunbrella fabrics. In most cases, you should not dry your Sunbrella fabrics.

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